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O projecto LE.I.A. continua activo e aparece agora renovado: ao associar-se ao projecto LER+ do Plano Nacional de Leitura, ganhou a sigla M.L.M (Melhores Leitores do Mundo). Continua a ser um espaço de partilha de experiências de leitura, mas integra agora na sua estrutura um verdadeiro clube de alunos leitores.

Permanece, no entanto, sempre aberto às sugestões de leitura que nos queiram enviar. Por isso, se acabou de ler um livro e gostou, escreva alguma palavras sobre ele e envie o texto para
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Rosário Cardoso

quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011

Salem Falls by Jodi Picoult

Salem Falls, a novel which gives you food for thought.

What makes two young girls ruin a life?

What made them lie about having been raped?

This novel tells the story of Jack St. Bride, a 31-year-old history teacher and soccer coach, who’s wrongly accused of raping two teenage girls. He must bear the shame of facing two trials, one sentence, the registration as a sex offender and the prejudiced eyes of those who want him lynched. But one person believes in Jack, even when his own mother abandoned him. Her name is Addie.

I loved reading this novel, it attracts the reader’s attention and you can feel every emotion in the book. You get angry with it all, because you know Jack is innocent and desperate as Addie tries to help him. It is thanks to her that Katherine, the first girl who accused Jack, comes forward and tells the truth.

I recommend this novel to everyone. From those who like witches and reading everything related to them (the word Salem in the title has you reaching for this book on the library shelf and the blurb quickly tells you you’re not wrong about the contents). The witchcraft here deals with Wicca, but Picoult never takes a stand on the religion, leaving this up to the readers, describing only some Wiccan traditions and rituals, and some of the effects of the spells cast by some characters.

This is the right novel to those who like to while away time with an interesting contemporary novel that raises the issues of love and trust, parental relationships, the teenage psyche, dishonesty and prejudice.

Sofia F. 12ºG

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